ThermaSys Heat Exchangers is an industry leader in the supply of aluminum heat exchanger products.   Our engineering expertise, paired with product line breadth that is unequaled in our industry, guarantees the right solution for your heat transfer needs.   From condensers to radiators or whatever your heat transfer requirement may be, we have the technology, we have the capability, we have the SOLUTION.
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TS Heat Exchangers offers a wide variety of aluminum radiators for small engine cooling, racing and muscle cars and specialty cooling applications. Radiators may have plastic tanks, welded aluminum tanks or may simply be a radiator core with no tanks. TS Heat Exchangers provides a full line of high efficiency aluminum parallel flow condensers designed for use in comfort cooling, refrigeration and specialty HVACR applications. Condensers can be UL certified for R410a, R134a and a variety of other refrigerants. We offer a range of oil coolers including plate-fin, bar and plate and our own Headered-Tube oil cooler (HTO) designed to fit your application needs. We also offer in-tank oil coolers in a variety of radiator designs. Charge air coolers are available in bar and plate and in T-Bar construction using extruded tubes. Our CACs are used in a range of high performance engine applications. Lean manufacturing is the key to effective and efficient business operation. Let TS Heat Exchangers provide value-added cooling modules to minimize assembly in your production line.